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Black & White | Bold: Landscape Lightroom Preset Pack


Love Lightroom Presets

Black & White | Bold: Landscape Lightroom Preset Pack




  • Making beautiful conversions from colour to black & white is no mean feat - my Black & White | Bold pack does the heavy lifting for you! 

    Trying to unlock the tips and tricks of black & white landscape photography is about as easy as finding your local chapter of Opus Dei - B&W is a dark art that keeps its secrets cloaked in a shroud of super-secret secrecy... 

    Fortunately, you don't have to blow thousands on specialist software, online courses and a creepy monks cloak in order to create spectacular Black & White landscapes from the comfort of Adobe Lightroom! 

    Lightroom makes Black & White conversion easy (sort of...)

    I love crafting B&W landscapes in Lightroom, I used to spend countless hours in a darkroom creating effects that can be emulated instantly in Lightroom using these presets.  That is not to say that it is easy to perform great Black & White conversions from scratch - digital tools may have eradicated the technical barriers to mono but the art component remains deceptively difficult to grasp for many.

    Black & White photos are colourless...

    Because we can't lean on bold colour to attract the viewer's eye to a Black & White photograph we have to instead rely on contrast to create a compelling image.  And this is where the fun begins - clicking on the 'Black & White' button and cranking the contrast slider will almost never produce a pleasing result. Successful B&W conversions rely on a bi-polar blend of subtlety and brazen over-confidence in the same edit!

    The presets included the Black & White | Bold pack simultaneously brandish the whip and the feather duster to create compelling monochrome images that will hold the viewers eye - usually with a single click!

    What images will these presets work best with?

    Not every image file will respond well to 'bold' Black & White conversion - in most cases some level of contrast in the scene will help greatly, if you inspect the before and after images you will see that even muted contrast in the source file can result in strong effects after conversion. Be mindful of exposure - over-exposed images will be spanked hard by these presets.  Composition is crucial for black  & white photography - strong graphical features and classical composition will help to compensate for all that lost colour - our eBook Living Landscapes covers composition at length.

    Black & White | Bold Preset Pack Features: 

    • 19 Adobe Lightroom presets
    • Presets work on both RAW and JPEG images
    • Compatible with Lightroom 4*, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud (CC)
    • For use with both Mac and PC
    • Installation instructions
    * Please note not all preset features will work in Lightroom 4 (radial filters). 

    Included Presets:

    • beacon
    • big sky drama
    • blue punch
    • distinction
    • enfold
    • expressive horizontal - top third
    • expressive horizontal - centre
    • expressive horizontal - lower third 
    • expressive vertical - top third
    • expressive vertical - centre
    • expressive vertical - lower third
    • perception
    • pinnacle
    • polarity
    • pulse 
    • resuscitate
    • rush
    • suede
    • verity