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About Us

Hi and welcome to Love Lightroom Presets!

I'm Sarah, and together with my husband Todd, we have been professional photographers, here in New Zealand, since 2001. Our career started out shooting commercial photography but since 2007 we have both been full-time landscape photographers and photography authors.

Our primary photographic website, sisson.co.nz, has been online for nearly a decade now and our fine art prints grace the walls of homes in over 50 countries.  Our two landscape photography ebooks, published by Digital Photography School, Living Landscapes and Loving Landscapes have helped tens of thousands of people improve and enjoy the art of landscape photography and post-process their landscape images.

The reason I developed the presets found here on Love Lightroom Presets is that I am extremely 'time-poor'. Being mother to two insanely-busy kids is hard enough, but add in full-time work and there is little time to waste. Editing thousands of images a year is ridiculously time-consuming, every hour that I spend editing photos is deducted from family life and prevents me from being out in the field doing what I love most - photographing nature.

Each of my presets has been developed as part of my workflow ever since I moved my RAW workflow to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom several years ago - these presets have literally saved me weeks of computer time! Some of these preset packs tackle and solve very specific technical challenges, others work with a broad range of images while others are pure creative whimsy and just look really cool!

The idea for sharing these presets via Love Lightroom Presets came about after the launch of our digital post-processing eBook, Loving Landscapes.  We included a bundle of 50 landscape photography presets with the eBook and the positive feedback to these helpful little shortcut files was overwhelming - it is gratifying to think that over 20,000 people have shared in my creative process through the magic of Adobe Lightroom presets!

Enjoy having a look through Love Lightroom Presets, and be sure to contact me if you need any assistance or advice.

Kind regards - Sarah Sisson