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  • Bluebird Days - Adobe Lightroom Preset Pack
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    Todd Sisson

Bluebird Days - Adobe Lightroom Preset Pack

stellar lightroom preset for landscape photography

From drab to dramatic in a single mouse-click - 'Stellar' preset in action!


Here at Love Lightroom Presets we are committed to providing solutions to common landscape photography bugbears.  Probably the most surprising gremlin most of us face is making photos of sunny days look great - you'd think that photographing and post-processing blue skies and radiant sunshine would be a walk in the park (on a sunny day, that is) but it ain't! 

Over the years we have created a terrific little collection of presets for use in our own professional landscape photography business that tackle the very subtle but tricky problems that blue sky photography presents.  These individual presets have all been bundled up as the Bluebird Days Presets pack - our second most popular presets pack (Grey Days Made Great is #1). Bluebird days is a blues-busting ninja warrior arsenal of super handy presets that will transform your landscape images with a single mouse click - check it out here!


balancing act landscape lightroom preset for blue sky photography

RAW files often look really dull and un-interesting when imported to Lightroom - our 'Balancing Act' preset is very versatile because it uses a raft of subtle adjustments to add balanced 'punch' to images.
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    Todd Sisson