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How to backup Lightroom Presets

Back up your valuable Lightroom Presets - Now!

One day, when you least expect it, the many-speckled Chicken of Computing Calamity will decide to roost on your hard drive. On this fateful day you will boot up your computer and be greeted either with the clicking, grinding sound of disk platters shredding themselves at 7200 RPM or the very Simon/Garfunkel-esque sound of silence.  Your emotional state five minutes after this event will entirely depend on your prior commitment to backing up your files - and will run the gamut from mildly inconvenienced to catatonically depressed.

revelation lightroom preset | before & after

It's worth protecting great Lightroom presets like revelation (Grey Days Made Great pack) from the Chicken of Computing Calamity...

'If you are an avid collector of Lightroom presets you can rapidly accumulate hundreds of dollars worth of indispensable presets. Many professional preset vendors, including us good-guys at Love Lightroom Presets, will happily replace your lost presets under these circumstances - but this assumes that you can remember what you lost and where you got it from!

The best option is to backup your presets regularly (preferably at the time of purchase) so you can easily restore them if that calamitous cockerel does decide to pay a visit. The great thing about presets is that they are tiny files and can easily be stored in a free cloud account,  thumb drive or even on your phone.  Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Find Your Lightroom Presets

This bit is easy...

In the main Lightroom menu (top bar) click:

Edit/Preferences (Windows)

Lightroom/Preferences (Mac)

how to backup lightroom presets

This dialog box will open - click the presets tab (see blue tab on top row of box). Then click 'Show Lightroom Presets Folder' - this will then open a file browser window.

The resulting file browser window opens with 'Lightroom' highlighted, not the presets folder - its the one called 'Develop Presets' and the preset files are not called presets they have the .lrtemplate file type - Adobe have always marched to the own beat of their own drum...

how to backup lightroom presets - filetype .lrtemplate

Adobe calls presets 'templates' (.lrtemplate filetype) and they live in the Develop Presets folder...

To backup your presets simply select the Develop Presets folder itself, then RIGHT-CLICK and select COPY from the contextual menu.

Step 2: Select Your Backup Destination

Simply connect your backup device, create a folder - let's call it 'Lightroom Presets Backup' and RIGHT-CLICK again.

This time click 'Paste Item' from the contextual menu - et Voila! your Lightroom presets are backed up!*

Thanks for reading this short article - I hope it helps save your bacon (from that chicken?)

Kind regards - Sarah

* 'off-site' backups are best.  For local backups - Mac users should all be using Time Machine backups as a bare minimum - I'm not sure what the Windows equivalent is though.

  • Post author
    Sarah Sisson
  • Adobe Lightroom PresetsCustomer assistanceHelpHow To