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How to Install Your Lightroom Presets

Thank you for purchasing your presets from Love Lightroom Presets!

Adding presets to Adobe Lightroom is a relatively simple affair - we show you how in this short article, let's get started!



This will be wherever you have set your computer to send downloads to - usually the default location is the ‘downloads’ folder.

All Love Lightroom Presets Folders begin with 'Love Lightroom Presets' followed by the preset package title - for example ‘Love Lightroom Presets-sunrise-sunset’.

Found it?  Good, we’re off to Lightroom now - so remember the location of the downloaded folder or preferably, keep a window open in your file browser. 


On PC: Click on Edit at the top (next to File)

On Mac: Click on Lightroom at the top.

Then select Preferences from the drop down menus


A new dialogue box will appear. 

Click on the Presets tab at the top (second tab)

Then click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder found under location.


A file browser window will open - locate and double-click the folder named 'Lightroom' (see next screen grab).

Now double-click on the Develop Presets folder.



Copy the Love Lightroom presets folder(s) (found in your download from Step 1), into the Develop Presets folder.

You can do this by right-clicking on the Love Lightroom presets download folder(s), and selecting copy “LOVE LIGHTROOM PRESETS....”, then right-clicking on the Develop Presets folder and selecting paste item (see the next two screen grabs)

Alternatively, it might be easier to open two Finder windows and drag the folder across.




Now all that remains is to close Lightroom and re-open it.

The newly installed presets will appear under the preset panel when you are in develop mode (D).

Now, what are you waiting for?

Go forth and create!

  • Post author
    Sarah Sisson
  • Customer assistanceHelpHow Tohow to edit photosphoto editing