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What is a Lightroom Preset?

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom you may have heard presets being mentioned quite a bit.  You may (quite understandably) be wondering what a preset is and what it does.

Let's start with the what. A preset for Adobe Lightroom is at little file (script) that saves a particular batch of image settings - this saved set of instructions can be shared between any Lightroom catalog meaning that you can use a preset authored by any other photographer on your images!

What types of settings can be saved to a preset?

Virtually any image adjustment that can be made in Adobe Lightroom can be recorded as part of a preset.  At its simplest, a preset could just alter one image adjustment e.g. increasing only the exposure on the image.   On the other hand, a complex preset can be created that saves settings for multiple lightroom slider adjustments as well as local tools such as the Graduated Filter, or Brush Tool.

The beauty of presets is the fact that helpful settings can be made on one image, saved to a preset and then applied to any other image in the future.  Even more powerful is the fact that professionally created presets can be imported into any Lightroom library and used on any image - the user can even tweak the settings to suit their own images.


Creative presets are often complex: Syrup, from our Sunrise / Sunset Rescue Pack makes 14 image adjustments and uses two graduated filters in the sky portion.


The Advantages of Using Presets 

Why use presets when editing your photos in Lightroom?  There are two great reasons, speed and creativity.

Having access to large selection of presets in your Lightroom catalogue means that you can usually find a 'quick fix' for most photos which greatly speeds up batch processing of images - leaving you with more time for photography.

My favourite reason for using presets though is the creative options that they offer me - often at the click of a button. I use presets as idea generators, even if the initial results are not perfect for a photo I can then go in and tweak a shot to perfection by playing with the sliders in Lightroom Develop Mode. 


Presets like Adrenaline, from the Vintage Fade collection can provide creative flair to dull images .

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  • Post author
    Sarah Sisson
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